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Contact Lenses With HEV Filters Reduce Light Scatter

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High energy visible (HEV) light, also known as ‘blue light’, refers to light that has shorter wavelengths and higher energy than other types of visible light. Digital devices like cell phones, tablets and computer screens release this type of light, and so does the sun.

HEV light is important for sleep and mood regulation, but too much can negatively impact these bodily functions. That’s where HEV filter contact lenses come in. They’re designed to block out a portion of HEV light while letting the other frequencies of light through.

If you’re interested in getting a pair of HEV filter contact lenses, schedule an eye exam with Professional Vision in Ellicott City today.

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What Are HEV Filter Contact Lenses?

HEV filter contact lenses are contacts that are made with a special coating or dye that absorbs HEV light. These contact lenses vary, depending on the amount of light they filter. Some lenses also block out other types of light as well.

The Benefits of HEV Filter Contact Lenses

Wearing HEV filter contact lenses can:

  • Reduce digital eye strain (also called computer eye strain) and tired, sore eyes.
  • Minimize disruptions to your sleep cycle
  • Lower the risk of developing cataracts and pterygium (a noncancerous growth on the eye).

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Get Your Very Own HEV Filter Contact Lenses at Professional Vision in

While HEV filter contact lenses filter blue light, they aren’t a replacement for 100% UV-blocking sunglasses or glare-blocking computer glasses. For this reason, they should be worn in combination with other eyewear, especially if you suffer from eye strain or glare.

You can get HEV filter contact lenses in both prescription and non-prescription forms. Our eye care team at Professional Vision will help you choose the ideal lenses for your eyes and lifestyle needs.