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Eyezen+ Glasses Interview with James of Eyes on 40

eyezenpluslogoWhat is the sales pitch of Eyezen that makes them so good like people who are interested in working at the computer or for day to day activities? What would you say the best way to describe them?

In my opinion, I would say the best thing is the fact that it relaxes your eyes. Ensures your eyes aren’t straining hard when you’re looking at devices or computers. And, the fact that it blocks out about 20% of the blue light is a big deal as well.

Is it mostly just for computer users? Is that the goal?

Computers, cell phones, tablets. Anybody on any type of device. That’s what I try to push, and even outside for people who normally wear progressives. But people who aren’t quite at that point yet, mainly inside for younger people.

Can you wear them for long terms of the day?

Personally, I do. I wear contacts as well, but the days I wear my glasses, they have the Eyezen in there. I’m I’m fine with them all day. Honestly, days where I’m on a computer a lot and just wearing contacts, I actually get a headache by the end of the day. So I can tell the difference.

How does blue light harm the eyes or is that too much of a technical question?

I don’t have the exact answer to that. I know it’s harmful.

I know some describe that it’s a cause of macular degeneration in the back of the eye, but that might be too technical. Does anyone ever ask that kind of information?

I haven’t been proposed with that question. People just know generally what that means, and they just kind of leave it at that. I know it has something to do with the light that is coming from it obviously. Could certainly research it more.

There was the whole thing about using your devices at night and not getting any sleep. Is that relevant to Eyezen lenses?

From what I’ve heard in different presentations and things that I’ve read I have found it that you know people who tend to jump on a cell phone or tablet or something before bed tends to have trouble sleeping. That’s just from presentations I’ve heard in there and I personally I try to avoid on that but I have heard that a lot.

What do you think makes Eyezen better than other competing blue lenses or blue filters?

The 20% is a big deal that it cuts out. I’ve worn a different one before. I can’t think of what it was and I can’t tell you exactly why, but I can definitely tell that Eyezen is better. The first one I really couldn’t tell the difference and I was still tired. I would still get headaches. But from day one with Eyezen, I could tell a difference.

Who can wear it? Do kids wear it? Teens?

Young adults. There are three different levels and I actually just found out about a new level that’s more geared towards kids who may not even have a prescription. So it’s really for anybody who’s spending a lot of time on devices which all of us do at some point. It’s kind of hard to avoid that these days so it’s a pretty wide range of age group who can wear them.

Are these eyes and lenses available anywhere or you can only get them at an optometry?

From what I know, at different optometrists, you can get it. I don’t know if it is just available here or somewhere like a Costco or something like that. I don’t believe that you can get it through the larger retailers.

Is it better to order Eyezen through your optometrist?

In my opinion absolutely because they’re the ones we’re going to see for the prescription. If there are any issues, you know, you kind of have a direct relationship with your doctor and the opticians who work for that doctor. So, my opinion is definitely better to do it that way just to keep things tight.

Do these work for every kind of frame?

I would say generally yes even though it’s not a progressive. But just like any progressive, you don’t want something too small because you want to have room for that little bump at the bottom. Typically, I’ve seen them in different sized frames with different styles, and from what I’ve seen, they work.

At your practice, you’ve had a lot of success?

Yes, we’ve only had personally one person since we’ve been selling it who claimed they didn’t like it. They said they couldn’t tell the difference so that was like I guess a special case. All the ones we sold so far to my knowledge have been successful.

Do people come back for them or is it still kind of new?

It’s still one of the newer lenses that we have. We have been trying to do more to push it. Especially like anytime there’s a teenager getting glasses, I always try to at least present it because teenagers are always on some type of device. It’s definitely an advantage for them. But, generally, we try to push it more. People who have come in periodically and asked about it or they’ll have it at one pair and will want to try it in another pair. So the success rate seems to be pretty good with it becoming more and more popular.