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Varilux W3+ Progressive Lens


Try the comfort of Varilux Physio W3+ Progressive Lenses!

Are you losing the ability to focus on nearby objects? Is holding your cell phone or other objects at arm’s length the only way to see clearly? Or maybe it’s hard for you to read in low light? Straining your eyes can cause headaches and fatigue, and you may miss out on details around you.

This unavoidable condition is presbyopia, often faced by people over age 40. Now is the time to visit your Eyes on 40 eyecare professional and see why Varilux Physio W3+ progressive lenses are your clear choice for more natural vision.

Invented in 1959, Varilux was the first to create progressive lens and today, they are the most widely known progressive lens brand around. Part of Varilux’s success derives from its unique advanced lens technology, known as W.A.V.E. Technology, that eliminates the blurriness and low-light problems with regular progressive lenses. Varilux provides sharper vision at every distance, even in dimly lit conditions.varilux_2

Since 2006, Varilux has invested heavily in research, design and wearer testing to help ensure there is a Varilux lens that’s right for every presbyopic patient.

The Varilux Physio W3+ progressive lens provides patients smoother transitions from distance to near using the exclusive Binocular Booster. Binocular Booster uses the prescriptions from both eyes to calculate the lenses as a pair so your eyes work better together. Varilux Physio also provides sharp vision even in low light. For more on Varilux products click here.