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Shamir Spark Mi Up

personal spark mi up dtThe safest way to measure your eyes

In recent years we have found that we need to provide excellent service to customers while maintaining physical distance. As a part of our efforts to not only do our jobs well and to improve upon safety, we have brought the Shamir Spark Mi Up to our practice.

Spark Mi Up is a touch-free, smart, compact optical measurement tool that looks like an ordinary tabletop mirror. It quickly and effectively takes your optical measurements with just 1 image. It is touch free and helps to maintain the physical safety of both our patients and our staff.

This revolutionary new measuring device gives everyone and increased sense of comfort while delivering a rapid, hi-tech experience and assuring high precision measurement accuracy.

It even measures dark glasses

Spark Mi Up sees the client’s pupils clearly even through dark lenses, for measurements that are as accurate and easy as with clear lenses.