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COVID recovery safety first

Professional Vision ReOpening & Offering Appointments!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the safety and well-being of our patients, staff and doctors is our first priority. Our team will continue to go above and beyond the expectations for optometry practices so that everyone who enters our practice will feel safe. We are sure that you are well aware of the concerns about COVID-19, and we would like you to know the steps we are taking. These measures include, but are not limited to:


An Expectations Checklist—For All of Us


Precautions You should Be Taking

  • BY APPOINTMENT ONLY: To maintain distancing and allow time for disinfection, all patient encounters are by appointment only.
  • ONLINE PAPERWORK: Appointments now require pre-registration on our website. If you have an issue, call and we will be happy to help you.
  • CALL FROM CAR: We will let you know when we are ready to escort you in for your appointment.
  • MASKS REQUIRED: Please keep your mask covering both your nose and mouth while in the office.
  • TEMPERATURE: We will take your temperature with a non contact thermometer when you arrive.
  • COVID-19 QUESTIONNAIRE: will be required before appointments. Any concerns and we will find an appropriate time to reschedule.
  • HAND SANITIZATION: Required upon entering our office.
  • NO EXTRA VISITORS: We ask that you arrive at your appointment alone unless you are a minor and require adult supervision then we will allow one caregiver inside with the child.
  • PAYMENTS: We will process credit cards over the phone to minimize contact.
  • HAND SHAKING: Sadly, staff will not shake hands or hug any of our patients. Please don’t take it personally. We still care!!
  • 6 FOOT DISTANCE: We will be practicing safe distancing within the clinic and we ask that you do your best to keep a minimum of 6 feet between you and other patients.
  • INSURANCE CARDS: Please send a photo of your card prior to your visit if we do not already have the current one on file.
  • OPTOS required – This is retinal scan that provides great health information to the doctor and also reduces the amount of time patient and doctor need to be very close. We are requiring this test while the COVID-19 risk is high. It is a $39 fee.

Steps Our Practice is Taking

  • Appointment times will be staggered and spaced further apart to ensure social distancing and allow adequate time for disinfection.
  • Hand sanitation stations are available at the entrances and throughout the practice.
  • Plexiglass shields have been installed at optical stations.
  • All of our staff and doctors will be wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.
  • We spread out our optical desks and our opticians will bring selections to you.
  • Every optical station will be disinfected between each use.
  • Each pre-testing and examination room will be disinfected after every patient exam, including all surfaces, instrumentation, door handles, and equipment.
  • We will disinfect frames after a patient has contact with them.
  • Regularly cleaning and disinfecting railings, door handles, counters, reception room areas, and all spaces where public interaction occurs.
  • Limiting the number of patients in the office or any area at one time.
  • The exam room and pretesting instruments will be disinfected after every patient.
  • Will be aware of common “touchpoints” within the clinic such as doorknobs, counters, keyboards, phones, credit card machines, pens, etc. and we will be disinfecting these as often as possible.
  • All reading material has been removed from the waiting area.
  • Pens will be sanitized after each use by a patient.
  • No signatures on credit card receipts- touchless transactions when possible.
  • Discussions with doctors and staff will be kept to a minimum – history online please.
  • Follow-up phone calls or Telehealth video conferencing will be used as often as possible.
  • Air purifiers added with UV-C that kills viruses and bacteria.
  • Shields in place in our exam rooms and opticals.
  • Staff required to continually wash hands and sanitize work areas.
  • Curbside pickup. We offer curbside pick up of glasses and contact lenses for your convenience.
  • Contact lenses will be shipped to your home. No charge for two boxes or more.